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Tour Prep: as it stands on May 7th!

Luckily, this is not how I'll be getting from city to city!  haha  Rental car is BOOKED.

What's up, guys?

T-minus 18 DAYS!

SO pumped!!!  Not only am I pumped to spend 3 consecutive weeks focusing exclusively on music, but I'm really excited by all of the work that's gone into it thus far and the strides that have been (slowly and still are being) made to get to the three-consecutive-weeks-of-music part.

Booking a tour is crazy!!!  I've met so many great people and there's so much excitement surrounding it all that I am pumped!  Yet stressed.  haha  It's been difficult getting people who don't know who I am to book me!  And I super appreciate everyone that has taken the leap so far! 

There are now 3 days left to get tour merch in advance!!!  And my crowdfunding campaign is at an amazing $425!  That's SUCH a huge help guys!!!  And I hope everyone who has contributed is diggin' the advanced merch and will love being on the guestlist! 

To buy advanced merch, click here: http://www.rockethub.com/projects/6681-going-on-my-first-tour-southern-on-roadtrip !!!  You'll definitely want to recieve the daily tour vlog (only a $10 sponsorship!)

So far, I've booked

Mississauga @ Naughty Nadz - May 25th
Hamilton @ Artword Artbar - May 30th
Bracebridge @ The Griffin Gastropub - June 2nd
Ottawa @ The Avant Garde Bar - June 8th
Newmarket @ The Windfall Eco Festival - June 10th
Toronto @ The Cameron House - June 22nd

And more to come!

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