Album vs. Live Show

Photo by Mark Smallcorn (http://www.sxc.hu/profile/rockgod)

I’m slowly starting to wrap my head around what it means to record songs. 

I usually liken recordings to baby pictures…you take a snapshot for all to hear of what a song sounds like at a particular time often really early on in a song’s life.  Then, the song will continue to grow, but others only hear that piece at the show.  However, as I look towards the upcoming EP, my baby picture concept is starting to look more like high school graduation photos.

This week, the songs went from being little acoustic demo babies to full out raging teenagers with a full electric band!  Very exciting, very loud, totally lovely.  And as the arrangements are evolving, I’m starting to hear instruments that aren’t in my band that need to be on the album!!  And remembering that just because it sounds one way live doesn’t mean it has to sound that way in the studio.

My brain hurts.  But this creative flexibility is insanely cool!!  I now have solo, full acoustic, and full electric arrangements forming AND ideas for further expansion for recording purposes - because you can do that.  There are no limits!  Well…finding musicians.  But I have great faith in my time management skills.  …yeah.

T-minus 16 days to FACTOR grant deadline.

T-minus 59 days to STUDIO!

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